Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Qoute Of Frienship

"If you should die
before me, ask if you
could bring a friend."

"If you live to be a hundred,
I want to live to be
a hundred minus one day,
so I never have to live
without you. "

"True friendship is
like sound health;
the value of it is
seldom known
until it is lost. "

"A real friend
is one who walks in
when the rest
of the world walks out. "

"Don't walk in front of me,
I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me,
I may not lead.
Walk beside me and
be my friend. "

"Strangers are
just friends waiting to
Friends are the Bacon
Bits in the Salad
Bowl of Life."

"Friendship is one mind in two bodies. "

"Friends are God's way of taking care of us."

"I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay."

"If all my friends were to jump off a bridge,
I wouldn't jump with them,
I'd be at the bottom to catch them."

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